2008 Interservice Pistol

The US Army Reserve Service Pistol Team was represented at the 49th Annual Interservice Pistol Championship held on Phillips range at Fort Benning, GA.

Front Row (kneeling): SFC Albrecht, SGM Carlin, SGT Busse, MSG Dechert, SSG Lantagne (Team NCOIC), and SSG Buol.

Back Row (standing): SFC Michaels, SFC Radford, LTC Toler (Team OIC), SSG Rosene, MSG DeMuth.

The USAR Service Pistol Team is in a building phase and is looking for new shooters. USAR members with Conventional Pistol experience are encouraged to try out! The shooting is challenging, as all shots are fired unsupported with one hand, as demonstrated by SSG Lantagne below during a Team match and coached by LTC Toler:


Funding and equipment is available but slots are limited. Sometimes teams aren’t funded as well as they should be and have to make due with what equipment they can scrounge, as evidenced by this Marine team <g>:

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