Military Shooter Defeated by Dummy Rounds (flinch)

It is day one and a new group of shooters are ready to take the line. Their backgrounds make for impressive resume items and range from battles in big city dark alleys to foreign countries.

Armed with full tacticool regalia, pistol at Sul and a menacing scowl they take the line. First drill: Slow fire groups with dummy rounds mixed in the magazine. On Bullseye targets.

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M16/AR15 Tips

Here some tips about M16 and AR-15 rifles. These have been proven by the USAR Shooting Team and written about by SFC Hubert Townsend.

Most issue, rack grade M16/M4s are two or three minute of angle (MOA) guns. That means that at 100 yards they shoot a group covering a circle of two or three inches diameter, four to six inches at 200 yards, etc. That is normal but can’t always be assumed. I was once issued a rifle that turned out to be only five MOA and didn’t discover it until shooting a five inch group at 100 yards on a paper target. No wonder I had trouble at the 300 yard line with it!

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USAR Shooter Secures CISM Gold

Army Reservist Lt. Col. Rhonda L. Bright competed with Team USA comprised of top marksmen from all military branches and won four medals and the coveted title of Best Nation in the World at the Conseil International du Sport Militaire – called CISM – held this year at the Rodberget Shooting Centre in Boden, Sweden.

The first CISM Gold Medal was awarded to USA’s Women’s Rifle Team Sept. 16. With 17 teams competing in the Women’s 50-Meter Sport Rifle Prone Team Match, the Gold Medal went to LTC Bright along with Sgt. Kelly A. Dove and Spc. Nicole M. Cooper of the Army Marksmanship Unit. Bright scored 596 points, Dove shot 593 points and Cooper got a 586.

A perfect score is this event is 600 with top scores between 590 to 595. Competitors fired 60 shots in 1½ hours at a target with a bull’s eye smaller than a dime. Germany took the Silver Medal and Norway the Bronze.