USAR Service Rifle Team Member fea­tured in the News

MAJ David Cloft of the USAR Service Rifle Team fea­tured in the ALPENA News of Alpena, Michigan.

This story was reported by Chris Dobrowlski and in “The First Shot” (the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s on-line magazine.)

You can feel it from the moment David Cloft starts talking about shooting a rifle.  It oozes out of him, as if it consumes him.  It doesn’t matter if he’s describing the first time he went to a shooting range as a 10-year-old. Or the time when he became the first American in more than 600 years to win an annual Schutzenfest competition in Germany – an honor that got him knighted by Princess Elizabeth von Ysenburg. You could also include all the target practices, the competitions, or simply the feeling of squeezing a trigger and nailing a target that could be as far away as 1,000 yards.

To read the full articles, visit and

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