Joint Electronics Type Designation System

PEQ-2, PAQ-4, PAS-13, PRC-119 (SINCGARS), PRC-77

Ever wonder why some military hardware has these funny names?

It’s a electronics designation system designed by the Army/Navy during WWII called JETDS (Joint Electronics Type Designation System).

Each JETDS device has a three letter code designating its use, prefixed with A/N and ending with the series/model number. Some examples:

A/N PAS-13
Army/Navy, Human Portable, Invisible Light, Detecting – Search, Model 13

Army/Navy, Human Portable, Laser, Combination Purposes, Model 2

Army/Navy, Ground Transportable, Visual/Visible Light, Detecting – Search, Model 5

A/N PRC-77
Army/Navy, Human Portable, Radio, Communications (two way), Model 77

Intuitive, right? ;-)

Full documentation is here:$FILE/MCO%2010550.8.pdf


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