Loss of USAR Shooting Team member – SGM Michael Carlin

From Major David T. Cloft

Bad news. I sadly learned yesterday that SGM Michael Carlin, a very close and personal friend of mine passed away. SGM Carlin was TDY to North Carolina this weekend and suffered a severe heart attack while enroute to home station. SGM Carlin was a previous member of the USAR Service Rifle Team and a current member of the USAR Service Pistol Team.
He was a Distinguished Pistol Shot. SGM Carlin was also the new SGM for the USARC G7 located at Ft. McPherson, GA. I think it would be fitting to place a note in the upcoming CMP First Shot publication of his passing if you think it’s appropriate.┬á On a sad note this is the second current USAR Shooting Team member we’ve lost in the past six months.

2 comments on “Loss of USAR Shooting Team member – SGM Michael Carlin

  1. Mary Carlin Ramlet says:

    I am Mike’s middle sister. It’s so hard for our family to believe he is gone. We were unaware of any health problems. It’s is big shock. Mike was always so strong in mind and body -always determined to be the best at his endeavors.

    Over the years we both moved around the US and we didn’t talk to each as often as we should have. In hind site, I would have like to know more about Mike’s friends and his military life. He was a great big brother. He will be so dearly missed.

    It would be very nice to hear from the soldiers that were close to Mike. Please visit http://www.legacy.com and tell us about the things you shared with Mike. Or send me an email. Picture would be appreciated.

  2. SGT Terry Pody says:

    MAJ Cloft;
    Thanks for informing the shooting community about the loss of SGM Carlin. He and his family are in our prayers. I am currently deployed in Afghanistan with the ILARNG. Could you put me in contact with the Reserve Shooting Team OIC/NCOIC located closest to Machesney Park/Rockford Illinois (100 miles west of Chicago. MSG Joe Braswell of the USAR Shooting Team in Georgia (Fort Gordon?)knows me.Thanks for your time and consideration. SGT Terry Pody

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