Practice Shooting at Short Range

Myth – “Scaled Ranges at 10 and 25 meter ranges don’t provide good training.”

Fact – Short range shooting can provide just as much feedback in training fundamentals.

Scaled targets at close range provide a nearly identical marksmanship challenge as the full size equivalent at actual distance. What’s more, the scaled ranges are the only place most Soldiers ever receive any usable feedback for improving their shooting, because they certainly aren’t getting it with “pop up” RETS targets. Olympians shoot events as close as 10 meters. If your range is 100 yards or less you can still get great training!

A nine-inch group at 300 yards is three minutes, as is a three inch group at 100 yards or a ¾ inch group at 25. True, scaled targets at short range can’t take environment into account and the only way to ensure a solid zero at a certain distance is to shoot at that actual distance. However, this lack of environmental effect can be an advantage. It is hard to blame a wide shot on a poor wind call at 25 meters.

At any rate, the training benefit of practicing fundamentals is the same and can be learned and refined at closer range.

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