Competition and the Average Gun Owner

Considering the amount of fancy equipment now seen in competition, some readers have complained loudly that the ‘average guy’ does not have a chance. It might be pointed out that this average guy never has had a chance. Competition is held to determine what is best, not what is average. And if all the equipment were standardized, the man who won would still not be in any sense average.

– Jeff Cooper

One comment on “Competition and the Average Gun Owner

  1. Jeffrey S. Williams says:

    You are right. Also, watching someone like SFC Henderson shoot, and seeing his scores, gives us all something to strive for. I may never have the guns, bullets, or time that an AMU shooter has, but I know what is possible and I know what to strive for.

    Thanks to the good guys that shoot well despite much of the culture in the US Army to the contrary…

    Jeffrey S. Williams
    MAJ, QM, US Army Reserve
    Country Director for Ukraine & Moldova
    WWII Working Group
    Joint (U.S.-Russia) Commission on POWs and MIAs
    Office of the Secretary of Defense

    USAR Pistol Team

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