SFC Brent Lantagne Honored with Memorial Trophy

Camp Robinson (Little Rock, AR)

SFC Brent Lantagne was forever memorialized with a trophy commissioned in his name. Lt. Col Pasquale Sperlongano, commanding officer of the United States Army Reserve Shooting Team, unveiled the award before his family and fellow shooters at Camp Robinson, home of the National Guard Marksmanship Training Unit (NGMTU) and site of the Armed Forces Skill At Arms Meeting (AFSAM.)

The SFC Lantagne Memorial Trophy is an annual award presented to the top AFSAM team winning Exercise CT 302 – Three Gun, a practical combined arms event. AFSAM, now in its third decade, is an annual international competition held for shooters in allied militaries. All NATO countries recognize this event and send teams to participate. SFC Lantagne was a sought-after instructor at the NGMTU and a top flight marksman, having been a member of both National Guard and Army Reserve shooting teams competing there.

Shooting organizations have a long history of honoring noteworthy marksmen by establishing trophies in their name. At National and International-level competition top shooters and important contributors are recognized by their peers with trophies in their names awarded annually. Some of these have been presented continually since before World War One.

SFC Lantagne was a top shooter on several National Guard and Army Reserve teams. After his untimely passing in 2008 the marksmen of these teams made sure his legacy carried on to shooters of future generations.

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