Tactical Shooting Clinic

Time to get schooled


Start at :24. Watch and listen for the click.


A classic and very common marksmanship error. Shooting can never be learned at a decent level until you can fire live ammo without being subconsciously afraid of the firearm. Any motion or reaction on a “click” when a “bang” is expected indicates this hasn’t been addressed and fixed.

Everybody wants to be a gun fighter and hold a “Tactical Clinic” but nobody wants to do the work. Fundamental marksmanship skills can be mastered at home performing daily, organized dry practice for a few minutes per session. Good physical fitness can be achieved at home with no equipment by performing simple exercises and calisthenics daily in an organized fashion.

Yet, fat flinchers abound. Sad.

One comment on “Tactical Shooting Clinic

  1. nmtracker says:

    He did it at :10 too. Good post.

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