Practical Shooting vs. Bullseye

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>> IPSC/IDPA may “fill the house,” but both sports are generally for people who aren’t skilled enough to shoot bullseye.

A common assertion among the Conventional “Bullseye” crowd is that practical shooting is inferior. This is not true. Top tier practical shooting (Master class level or higher) takes every bit as much effort as top tier conventional/bullseye shooting. Much like sprinting differs from marathoning, the disciplines are unique.

It is sometimes asserted by practical shooters that bullseye is easier because “I can just slow down.” This is equally wrong! Too often practical shooters don’t have the raw marksmanship chops to deliver real precision.

OTOH, it is sometimes asserted by bullseye shooters that practical/IPSC is easy because “those targets are so big and close.” Wrong as well! Too often bullseye shooters don’t have the gun handling chops to deliver shots at speed.

Both disciplines have merit and a Firearm User will take benefit from both.

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