USAR Rifle Team at Interservice Rifle Championship

2010 Interservice Rifle Championship

Just as with the Interservice Championship for conventional pistol, all the military services send teams for a rifle championship as well. Shot at Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia, the Interservice Rifle Championships represents the best conventional rifle shooters in the US military. The rifle National Match Course consists of four stages of fire. At 200 yards competitors shoot slow fire from the standing position and rapid fire from sitting. Rapid fire has the shooter begin standing and as the targets appear, adopt a solid sitting position firing two shots, reload the empty rifle and reengage with eight more rounds all within 60 seconds. Moving to the 300 yard line shooters fire prone rapid similar to sitting rapid but further away and in 70 seconds. Finally, shooters move all the way back to 600 yards and shoot slow fire from the prone position.

The US Army Reserve team managed some impressive finishes. During individual competition, SGT Kristoffer Friend posted a 200 – 10 for the win during the Prone Slow Fire match. Fired at 600 yards, SGT Friend not only scored a perfect 200 points with all twenty shots fired but landed half of them inside the center X-ring!

For team competition, the USAR team managaed a respectible third place overall. The rifle team representing the entire US Army Reserve at this year’s Interservice consisted of Team Captains LTC Jon Casillas and SGM Neal Dickey, Team Coaches SFC Norman Anderson and 1SG Mark “Bear” Bearnson, and firing members SGT Atkins, SFC Dorosheff, SGT Friend, SGT Smith, SFC Anderson, SGT Farro, MSG Withus, SFC Stauffer, SSG. Gervasio, 1SG Valasek.

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