A Message From Arc

A message from your friendly neighborhood Arc:

Hey guys.

Under all the circumstances and issues we had this summer I want to personally say THANK YOU! to all of you guys for the help you’ve given me in trying to do this job. We had a very succesful summer and i feel its only due to your training and dedication to the sport. It was said ” wow you guys really produced” “you won some stuff” by MSG Grantham and others. For that I once again say THANK YOU!. Id guess the best way to say thanks is to get you guys some ammo. I’m working that issue and I promise I will not stop working it untill they either tell me to go away or make me go away. Please keep up the good work and keep shooting


SSG John Arcularius

One comment on “A Message From Arc

  1. SGM HILLS says:

    SSG Arcularius, It’s good to hear you guys are still plugging away at keeping your skills sharp and training Soldiers. Although I’m not at the SARG anymore I still appreciate Soldier’s like you and the other marksmanship professionals I’ve met over the years. I just read about SFC Moore and others winning at FT. Benning…awesome! I have alot of respect for you guys and wish you all much continued success and God’s Speed! p.s. I’m at HRC now so if you guys need any assistance let me know via AKO. TAKE CARE AND KEEP SHOOTIN! HOOAAH!

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