Info from SGM Payne

It’s been a while since I sent out a team blast and even so, I’ll still try to stay short and to the point.
If you have my   “usar” email in your address book, please remove it and do not use it.
I no longer have my Government Black Berry. Please delete that number and use my personal cell phone only.
If you don not have a valid Pass Port or one that is expiring soon, you need to get that fixed. Please don’t bury me with email talking about orders and country clearances, “we don’t need one” etc. Also know up front that as of now, you will have to pay for it yourself.
I spoke with Mr Grantham at length yesterday and I think that we are getting ready to move forward with support from USARC. We are looking at a Combat Team only training session in April, Service Rifle is trying to get one that is on the front or back of our dates. 1SG Bearnson and I are working that. I don’t know dates yet, but should have some news for you early next week.
Guns – be patient there is a lot going on here.
DTS is here and required – period. If you don’t know it, have it or use it, you are already behind. If any of you have a good  “DTS for dummies” set of instructions , then feel free to share.
Mr Grantham also stressed that no team members should contact him directly, make sure you go through Maj Sinnott and/or me.
We may be having a USAR All Team Combo training in Nov.
Do not under any circumstances send Joe Carlos any team equipment for any reason. Note that I said equipment, and not just “firearms”. Mr. Carlos no longer has any affiliation with the teams and is not authorized to possess any government items.
I have sent letters to Australia, Canada and England, and fully expect us to go to at least of one of those this year. Once I get the current and correct match programs, I will distro.
Remember that training and good communication is a major key to our success.
All Army –  my recommendation to Mr Grantham was that a training session would be much more valuable than attending All Army. We can’t enter a team anyway, but can shoot as individuals with YOUR Unit.
Speaking of your unit, remember to fully support your unit, we are trying to overcome bad stereotypes, rumors, ignorance and past follies. If you can’t support your unit then maybe you should consider the IRR. You have to believe me that everything we do as a “shooter” is noted, good or bad. keep you unit informed and if you need one of us to speak with your Chain of Command, just make sure the bridge is not blown before we get there.
New Shooters, make sure you understand how many EIC matches you can shoot, set goals, and plan your training.
Remember that training and being prepared includes knowing the rules of any given match.
Enough from me. Be safe, train smart and stand by for a flurry of activity.
SGM Payne

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