Rifle Fundamentals: MK12 Course

MSG Rob Mango, USAR Service Pistol Team Coach and SSO (SYSTEMS SUPPORT OFFICER) at TSC (TRAINING SUPPORT CENTER), TECOM, Kaneohe Bay, Marine Corps Base Hawaii,  shares the following training presentation.



I made this POI when I was the Chief Marksmanship Instructor for USMC base Hawaii.  The notes are my own words and are very specific and correct.  Since I made this, I’ve taught it to 8-10 Squad Designated Marksman courses from 2007-2010.  The success of my students in theatre was so apparent that TECOM has made most verbiage of my (this) class USMC doctrine.  I recommend you play the slideshow on one computer (for animation) and follow along with the notes on another or a printout.  I would take the 15-20 minutes to review my wording and pay attention to detail while learning it.  Please excuse any grammar mistakes.

I send this to you all because It literally took me 8 yrs (of winning) until the “light” turned on for me, in the specific fundamental of aiming.  I hope it helps one of you.

I realize some topics in the POI could be considered “theory”.  I am not perfect but I strive for excellence.  If you find something questionable, please feel free to tell me about it.  I always want to improve my repertoire.


MSG Rob Mango

USAR Service Pistol Team Coach

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