All American Firearms Training course handouts

CPT Patrick Sleem is a member of the USAR Marksmanship Program and director of All American Firearms Training/

The following are class handouts from AAFT courses.

The Thinking Rifleman: Profitable Strategies for the Military Sniper

Snipers are becoming an increasingly valued weapon in the mountains and deserts of Afghanistan. A definite renaissance of sniping is being seen across the front lines of war…. Two of the most effective force multipliers currently in the war on terror are unmanned aerial drones (UAVs) and the modern military sniper. These force multipliers can be outfitted to emphasize any role necessary, from reconnaissance to combat and everything in between. Both are relatively inexpensive and fit well into the military’s transformation to a smaller, more agile force.

– SSG Christopher Rance,
Military Field Consultant for Kestrel, Sniper and Writer

SSG Rance is making a push for better sniper continuity, including a Warrant Officer Sniper MOS, with his Lessons Learned in combat and competition. Better marksmanship training shows how much ammo and money can be saved while increasing effectiveness.

Competitive shooting exposes the team’s strengths and weaknesses and helps the team gain a better understanding of what they need to train on for future operations. Competitive shooting needs to be pushed harder in the sniper community. It is an excellent opportunity for units to build cohesion in the sniper community and share knowledge on today’s area of operations.

– – SSG Christopher Rance

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Thinking Rifleman

KD Range with CWO Knote

CWO Knote of the USAR Marksmanship Program created this video as a demo of Known Distance range drills he conducted.

I had 18 Reserve shooters out to the KD range for actual marksmanship training – not just qualification.

My shooters were 1 PFC, 3 SPCs, 1 SGT, 1 SSG, 5 SFCs, 1 WOC, 1 Cadet, 3 1LT, a CPT, and an Airforce MSG.

We ran a version of the run down, the old EIC, and 100-600 special zero today. In prep yesterday we spent all day in PMI. Shooting in 30-50 mph head wind with some quarter value fishtailing- my joes still managed to hold the paper, (at 600 yds even)actually had some decent groups in the black on SR-3 bullseye target.

The wind was so strong it destroyed 3 target screens 2 blew apart and one cracked and broke off of the carrier. It was awesome. The Soldiers loved it, in the AAR THEY ACTUALLY ASKED IF WE COULD NEVER SHOOT POP-UPS AGAIN. They loved seeing their groups. Imagine that.

– CWO Knote