Accept the Wobble

Accept the Wobble
by CWO Knote

When you hold a gun with your hands you will always have a wobble area. With a small amount of dry fire practice the shooter should become very aware of the natural wobble area. With many thousands of hours of deliberate practice the wobble area will get tighter but it will always be present.

The idea of a perfect sight picture has done more to cause shooter error than nearly anything else. There is no such thing as perfect sight picture. As depicted on paper in a book, sight picture is static with no movement. This is simply a false representation. The harder the shooter tries to make the wobble stop moving the worse the shot will break.

The shooter that tries to time the break of the shot to coincide with the center of the target is prone to bad trigger control. Align the sights and move the trigger. As long as the sight alignment is within the natural wobble pattern the shot will go where it was pointed.

A minor error in sight placement (wobble) of properly aligned sights will only result in a minor error in point of impact. An error in sight alignment will result in an angular error that will cause a gross error in point of impact.

The natural tendency when the shooter tries to make a perfect sight picture is to look at the target. The eye can only focus at one focal length at a time. If the shooter is looking at the target, the sight alignment is blurry. If the sight alignment is blurry the shooter can not ensure the sights are properly aligned. The shooter must focus on the sights to ensure proper sight alignment.

Focus on the sights, aim center blur, accept the wobble, and move the trigger.

Accept the wobble!

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