KD Range with CWO Knote

CWO Knote of the USAR Marksmanship Program created this video as a demo of Known Distance range drills he conducted.

I had 18 Reserve shooters out to the KD range for actual marksmanship training – not just qualification.

My shooters were 1 PFC, 3 SPCs, 1 SGT, 1 SSG, 5 SFCs, 1 WOC, 1 Cadet, 3 1LT, a CPT, and an Airforce MSG.

We ran a version of the run down, the old EIC, and 100-600 special zero today. In prep yesterday we spent all day in PMI. Shooting in 30-50 mph head wind with some quarter value fishtailing- my joes still managed to hold the paper, (at 600 yds even)actually had some decent groups in the black on SR-3 bullseye target.

The wind was so strong it destroyed 3 target screens 2 blew apart and one cracked and broke off of the carrier. It was awesome. The Soldiers loved it, in the AAR THEY ACTUALLY ASKED IF WE COULD NEVER SHOOT POP-UPS AGAIN. They loved seeing their groups. Imagine that.

– CWO Knote


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