Interservice Rifle 2013

Congratulations to team member MSG Robert Mango for winning the Interservice Navy (standing) trophy with a very impressive 199-8x. Way to Shoot Like a Legend!

USAR Shooters in the top 25:
1. MSG Robert Mango 598-27x
6. PFC Nick Mowrer 592-27x
8. CPT Kirk Freeman 592-23x
13. SFC Chris Gervasio 589-19x
19. SGT Eric Smith 587-20x
21. MSG Norm Anderson 587-18x
23. SFC Leslie Lewis 587-17x


See results from the Interservice Rifle Championships online:


Congrats to The Army Marksmanship Unit on the overall win in the 10 Man Team Match and to the Army Reserve Marksmanship Team on top Reserve honors in the 6 and 10 Man Team matches.

Keep up the good work, hold hard and may your widest shot hang a 10.

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