Interservice Rifle Championships – 2013

Interservice Rifle Championships came and went and the Army Reserve Marksmanship Team had a lot of great performances.

A few highlights include:

MSG Mango, who has focused more on competing and winning with the Service Pistol Team in recent years, won the Interservice Navy Match (standing) with a score of 199-8x.

SFC Gervasio and SFC Lewis both shot a 200-9x in the Interservice Coast Guard Match (sitting rapid) to finish 8th and 9th respectively.

MSG Mango also had a solid performance in the Marine Corps Match (prone rapid) finishing 3rd with a score of 200-8x. Not far behind him was new team member PFC Mowrer’s 5th place 200-7x.

In the Interservice Air Force Match, SGM Withus finished 5th with a solid score of 199-5x.

Overall in the Individual Championship it was PFC Mowrer’s 6th place 985-42x that was tops for the Reserve Rifle Team.

In the Interservice 600 yard Match there were more solid scores shot. In the service rifle category, MSG Mango finished 2nd with a 198-5x and SFC Dorosheff finished right behind him in 3rd place with a 197-7x. In the any/any category PFC Mowrer continued to perform well in his first Interservice with a score of 200-10x, good enough for 4th place.

On to the Team Matches…

In the Commanding General MCCDC Team Match, USAR Anderson won the High Reserve category with a score of 1754-53x, beating the ALL Guard team by 2 points! What a close match! Firing team members included:

MSG Anderson 296-11x
PFC Mowrer 294-13x
CPT Freeman 294-7x
LTC Paumier 293-8x
MSG Mango 292-10x
SFC Gervasio 285-4x

In the Interservice Rifle Team Match, or “10 Man”, the Reserve Team pulled off another High Reserve category win with a score of 4863-145x. Firing team members included:

PFC Mowrer 491 -21x
MSG Mango 490-15x
LTC Paumier 489-18x
SFC Lewis 489-15x
CPT Freeman 488-19x
MSG Anderson 488-12x
SSG Arcularius 486-13x
SGT Smith 483-10x
SFC Stauffer 481-14x
SFC Dorosheff 478-8x

One more time we were the high reserve team in the Infantry Trophy Match when USAR Anderson scored a 1229, good enough for 4th overall.  Army Reserve also had the highest score at the 500 yard line out of all the teams.

The Reserve Rifle Team had a lot of great performances through out. We look forward to improving our scores and representing the Army Reserves. The entire Army Reserve Marksmanship Program would like to thank everyone for following along with our Pistol and Rifle teams and for all the likes, comments, and shares. Team members are arriving in Port Clinton ready to instruct the 2013 CMP Small Arms Firing School for rifle this weekend! We hope to see you there and follow along for more score updates and stories from the National Matches. Go Reserves! And remember…


One comment on “Interservice Rifle Championships – 2013

  1. Sam Summey says:

    Congratulations to the Army Reserve Team! Capt Freeman’s dad said the hot weather was a major obstacle to overcome too. Great performance.

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