Trained Rifleman Equals Nuclear Bomb

As CPT Kirk “The Legend” Freeman illustrates, a trained rifleman with M14, EBR, SASS or equivalent has the reach of a low yield atomic bomb with more infinitely better target discrimination.

I had an idea that might drive home the importance of Designated Marksman/EBR training for our EOD and Route Clearance brothers.

I found an old army air corps photo that represented the blast radius of the atomic bomb over Hiroshima which was 2900 meters.

The yellow innermost circle represents a 200 meter radius cordon.
The red middle circle represents a 800 meter shot taken from the cordon.
The orange circle represents a 1000 meter shot taken from the cordon.

So a route clearance unit that has well-trained riflemen armed with EBRs or the equivalent is equal to a low yield nuclear bomb with much better target discrimination. Anything in those circles are as good as dead.

The red circle also represents The Legend with M14 SN 557711.

Shoot like a Legend

2 comments on “Trained Rifleman Equals Nuclear Bomb

  1. D. Beasley says:

    CPT Kirk gets an “F” in the psychology of warfare.

    The atomic bomb succeeded because it demonstrated to Japan that US had technology and will to destroy them.

    Sniper fails because it shows that, even if we have the tech to destroy them, we lack the will.

    There was no insurgency in Japan even though there were millions of still-armed Japanese.

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