ARCD All Army Experience

Army Reserve Careers Division Career Counselors maintain our Reserve force by retaining good Soldiers. They also need to maintain and build their personal military skills. Participation in organized training is the best way to do so. ARCD sent a contingent of ARCCs to compete in the All Army Small Arms Championships, an advanced combat live-fire training event. Training and skill exercises held are applicable to all military small arms firing disciplines and the event had 213 competitors this year.

“This is my first All Army. I’m learning a lot and enjoying this for sure,” said Army Reserve Career Counselor Sgt. 1st Class Ismael Reyna. All Army includes rifle shooting on Known Distance ranges out to 500 yards with all shots marked and scored. For Reyna and many other Soldiers, events like this are their first opportunity to shoot extended distances with full feedback.

“This is my first All-Army but won’t be my last,” said Sgt. 1st Class Annette Habel, an ARCC from Clairmont, Fla. “I volunteered to come compete and am really glad I did. I foresee that we’re going to have more females come out next year and give the guys more competition.” The pistol events were Habel’s favorites, which included a team event with run requiring all team members to cross the finish line and then shoot together.

In addition to bringing out new shooters, ARCD also boasts a number of experienced, high-level competition shooters, including several assigned to the Army Reserve Marksmanship Program as additional duty. Army Reserve Careers Division Small Arms Team “A”, comprised of team members Staff Sgt. John Arcularius Jr., Sgt. 1st Class John Buol, Sgt. 1st Class Charles Parker and Master Sgt. John McFarland, placed in the top three of all team events for the entire competition. Ultimately, the ARCD team came in second overall. With over 4,000 aggregate match points available at the event, the team match was decided by 0.17 points.

Individually, Army Reserve Careers Division’s own Sgt. Major James Mauer, 3rd Battalion earned his last needed “leg” points and was awarded the Distinguished Rifleman Badge. The Excellence In Competition program was created in 1894 and a total of 3,304 Soldiers have received the Distinguished Rifleman badge since.

In addition to helping the ARCD team, Sgt. 1st Class John Buol won two overall individual aggregates at the event – Combat Pistol and Combined Arms – and was second overall.

ARCD needs ARCCs that retain good personal individual Soldier skills so they may better relate to the Soldier’s they seek to retain. Small arms skills are the top of Soldier-relevant skills. As the results at All Army prove, ARCD Soldiers can shoot!

Results and photos of the event:

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