Wounded Warrior Addresses Master Resiliency Training for Army Reservists

QUANTICO, Va. – Combat veteran and medic, Wounded Warrior and Master Resiliency Trainer Sgt. Adam Hartswick addressed Soldiers of the 3rd Battalion Army Reserve Careers Division May 1, 2014.

Sgt Hartswick was wounded in an IED attack on May 14th, 2013 while serving as a Combat Medic in Afghanistan. He lost his legs and sustained serious injuries to his right hand but continues to serve as a Master Resiliency and Combat Medic trainer, using his experience to mentor and inspire his fellow Soldiers.

While at his combat operating post in a remote part of Zhari district, a nearby patrol vehicle away hit a roadside bomb. Hartswick rolled out with a quick response team. At the scene, they searched for living wounded to treat. “We started clearing the area, and another IED went off,” Hartswick said. An explosive ordnance specialist, going to check a body for booby traps, triggered a device and died from the explosion. While attempting to rescue fellow Soldiers caught in IED explosions, Sgt. Hartswick triggered another device. Still conscious, he maintained presence of mind to provide instructions to his own rescuers. “I was able to instruct the lieutenant on how to treat me,” Hartswick said. “I told him to put the tourniquets high and tight on my legs.”

Hartswick’s heroism has proven inspirational to many. Rep. Scott Conklin, D-Rush Township, initiated House Bill 1753 to name a portion of state Route 45 from the intersection of state Route 26 to U.S. Route 322 in Boalsburg as the Hartswick Interchange. Master Sgt. John McFarland, overall winner of the 2014 United States Army Reserve Eastern Small Arms Competition, raffled donated firearms and raised money for Adam’s Brigade, Sgt. Hartswick’s charity.

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Army Reserve Marksmanship Program Soldiers conduct 2014 United States Army Reserve Eastern Small Arms Competition

QUANTICO, Va. – Members of the Army Reserve Marksmanship Program hosted the 2014 United States Army Reserve Eastern Small Arms Competition at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia on April 28-30. The event was a test of rifle and pistol marksmanship using as-issued combat gear.

Master Sgt. John McFarland, of Fort Story, Va. and a career counselor with 3rd Battalion Army Reserve Careers Division was the Combat Match Overall Individual Champion. ARCD Area 1 was the high overall team, lead by Master Sgt. McFarland and team mates Sgt. 1st Class Maxie Fannin, Sgt. 1st Class Jeffery Clay and Sgt. 1st Class Rick Edwards. This Eastern Small Arms Competition featured 106 individual competitors and seven teams.

“Marksmanship is the most important Soldier task, yet it often receives the least attention,” said rifle match director Master Sgt. Norman Anderson. “It is the Army’s only Skill Level 1 task that can simultaneously defeat the enemy and save you and your buddy’s life.”

“This is awesome. Events like this are ideal Army training. Shooting a scored match is just a bonus,” said Sgt. 1st Class John Frazier, a career counselor from 3rd Batt. ARCD from Red Horse, West Va. “The Championship is much better than qualification.

“This is my first match ever and I’m learning a lot,” said Sgt. Briana Hawkes, a Soldier from Twinsburg, Ohio serving with the 2nd Psychological Operations Group. “This kind of shooting offers more feedback than qualification.”