Army Reserve Shooting Team at Vintage Sniper Match

The Civilian Marksmanship Program Vintage Sniper Rifle Team Match is a two-person team match fired at 300 and 600 yards on SR-3 and MR-1 targets respectively with 10 rounds per person per distance in the prone position using military sniper rifles issued prior to 1953 or replicas of those rifles. For each record shot, the target is exposed for twenty seconds while the shooter engages and the spotter observes and calls wind. The competition target has scoring rings much smaller than hit-or-miss targets typically used in sniper training even today, increasing the challenge in precision shooting, especially with vintage equipment.

US Army Reserve Marksmanship Program members Sgt. First Class Dwayne Lewis and Staff Sgt. John Arcularius, both with extensive sniping and long range precision shooting experience, competed in the event wearing complete camouflage, including ghillie suits and face paint as a demonstration and to represent the Army Reserve at this national event.



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