US Army Reserve Team wins National Hearst Doubles Team Match

Congratulations to SGT Kristoffer Friend and CPT Kirk Freeman on their win at the 2014 National Hearst Doubles 2 Man Team Match.

The Hearst Doubles Rifle Team Match is a two-person team match where both team members fire the 30-shot President’s Rifle course of fire (a modified National Match Course) with service rifles. The match winners receive the William Randolph Hearst Trophy, donated by William Randolph Hearst to the National Matches in 1940. The Hearst Rifle Trophy is a 17th century Spanish flintlock carbine in blunderbuss style, inlaid with ivory and mother-of-pearl and having a chased lock.


Friend and Freeman fired scores of 294-13x and 293-8x, respectively, to narrowly beat out their fellow competitors with a team score of 587-21x


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