USAR Service Pistol Team members selected for Mayleigh Challenge

The Mayleigh Challenge is an annual international .22 caliber pistol competition with American competitors selected at the National Matches based on their .22 Pistol Match scores. Competition is open to English speaking countries by invitation from the National Rifle Association of America. Participating countries include Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Jamaica, Rhodesia, South Africa, and the United States.

This year USAR Service Pistol Team members SPC Nick Mowrer and MSG Rob Mango were selected to compete in this event.

SPC Nick Mowrer and MSG Rob Mango

SFC Keith Sanderson also was selected for the Mayleigh Challenge but was not available for photos.

USAR Wins NRA Team Match

The NRA National Pistol Championships always featured team matches, however, these events have typically been four person events will all competitors shooting the same type of handgun. The 3-Member Preliminary Team Event is different because all three members fire a different pistol, side by side, at the same time. As one team member shoots .22 caliber, another shoots center fire, and the last shoots .45.

RA National Pistol Manager Tom Hughes said it was created because, “the competitions division wanted to turn it up a notch. So before, there was a .22 Team Championship, Center Fire Team Championship and .45 Team Championship; this time we put them all together.”

The US Army Reserve Service Pistol Team won the event in 2014.

Congratulations to SPC Nick Mowrer, MSG Rob Mango, and SSG Jon Rosene for winning the 3-Member Preliminary Team Event.

SPC Nick Mowrer, MSG Rob Mango, and SSG Jon Rosene