MSG Norman Anderson inducted into the Army Marksmanship Unit Hall of Fame

Congrats to MSG Norman Anderson on his induction into the Army Marksmanship Unit Hall of Fame.

I’d have to look back in my data books over the past 6 years to see how many 200s he’s coached me into at the 600 yard line, but it is enough that I have lost count. He’s coached me into a 499 and 497 during important team matches, leading to me getting 4 different trophies from the National Matches.

Great job, Coach!

– SGT Kris Friend

The method behind the machine

The method behind the machine: Surgeon, shooter, Soldier

Lt. Col. John Cletus Paumier (center) stands with friends who helped build his own private 600-yard rifle range in his back yard, which spans eight acres in Salem, Ohio. Paumier is an orthopedic surgeon, officer-in-charge of the Army Reserve Marksmanship Program and command surgeon for the 416th Theater Engineer Command, headquartered in Darien, Ill. Photo Credit: Sgt. 1st Class Michel Sauret​

Missing the mark: Top marksmen say military funding cuts impair teams

This article is about the Navy marksmanship program but resonates with all military shooting programs.

“The Navy, in my opinion, is less focused on marksmanship because of our technology. However, when it comes down to it, basic marksmanship not only goes with shooting, it’s a way of life.”

“A lot of our guys, myself included, find ourselves doing things we never thought we would be doing in the Navy, like walking the streets in Fallujah or going through a village in Afghanistan with an M16 or a 9mm. Even in the fleet, weapons proficiency and aim is key.”