Army Reserve Shooters Helping Outside The Team

From SFC Russel Theurer

This report is from the from the 395th and is because SGT Eric Smith of the Army Reserve Marksmanship Program volunteered to help these Soldiers. Members of our program do a lot more than what is seen by the USARC staff. Here is an example.

Event: 7 December, The 395th Financial Management Support Unit (FMSU) Shooting Team prepared to compete in the All Army Shooting Competition.

Communications Objective: To increase the proficiency and confidence of the Soldiers to accurately engage the target and strike the target at the intended impact site.

Activities: The 395th FMSU coordinated with Mr. Will Smith, a Board Member of the Utah State Rifle and Pistol Association, to open the Centerville Small Arms Range, provide his professional instruction and allow the Soldiers to practice their marksmanship skills. With assistance from his son, SGT Eric Smith of the 872nd Maintenance Company, both Presidents Hundred recipients, coached and mentored the Soldiers to effectively manipulate their sights and engage targets at ranges from 100 to 500 yards. The training consisted of in-depth marksmanship instruction to successfully compensate for trajectory and wind. Soldiers were able to accurately engage their targets because of the training event.

Event Output: The Soldier now understand and know their weapons sight adjustments to intentionally place a ¼ inch round 500 yards down range at the intended point of impact. The Soldiers are one step closer to presenting a competitive advantage at the All Army Shooting Competition and uphold the “Deadeye” heritage.

2 comments on “Army Reserve Shooters Helping Outside The Team

  1. Lance says:

    I’m glad to see that range is still open for Service Rifle use! When I was reassigned from UT in 2008, there was talk of closing it.

  2. Yes, an open and available KD range is always a good thing.

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