Competition Breeds Excellence

“Competition Breeds Excellence”
– USMC Combat Shooting Team motto

Marines assigned to the Combat Shooting Team, Weapons Training Battalion, Marine Corps Base Quantico participate in multiple weapons based events while competing in the Australian Army Skill At Arms Meeting 2014 in April at Packapanyal, Australia. The Australian Army Skill At Arms Meeting is an annual weapons based competition where Armed Forces from around the globe gather together to compete against one another. (U.S. Marine Corps Motion Media by Cpl. Michael C. O’Donnell/Released)

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Why bullseye is the most popular pistol shooting sport

If I asked you, dear reader, what you thought the most popular pistol-based shooting sport in America was based on participation, what would you say? IDPA? USPSA? GSSF? Well, if you picked any of those, you’d be dead wrong, because the answer is bullseye.

Yep, good old fashioned boring bullseye. Why is that? Is just because of tradition? Or is there something more to the fact that the Camp Perry Nationals had over 600 shooters last year?

There are actually two directions I kind of want to go with this post, the first thought I had for it would be a mild rebuke to action pistol shooters who seem to think that USPSA/IDPA is the center of the universe, when in reality no one really cares. The second, and what I’m going to focus on though is why bullseye continues to be successful, because when you look at their “secret” it’s actually quite ingenious.