Fort Knox Range ReportFY

A range report from SFC Charles Parker, USAR Marksmanship Program.

I shot at the 1000 yard line recently with SSG Anderson on Scott Mountain at Fort Knox from top of the Connex Building.

See what you all are missing!

I tried a new upper built with a 20-inch White Oak DMR Barrel fluted under the handguards with a 1:8″ twist, a Daniel Defense Free Float Tube/Rail, and 4X ACOG.

With this upper, Anderson was able to hold 6 of 10 shot on a steel man-sized silhouette and I was able to hold 5 of 10 on the steel. That’s about 1.7 MOA wide at that distance. We needed just a “tiny bit” of hold over at 1000 and, of course, there is no freaking wind on Scott Mountain (lol :)

This pic of the SR target (normally shot at 200 yards) was shot at 600 yards. While it’s not a “Norman Anderson group” the bullseye (9 ring) is just over 12 inches and the 15 rounds on target were fired at a rapid fire pace of two to three seconds per shot. That 4X scope on a two MOA bull is a challenge at 600 yards for sure but the WO Barrel is the shizzzznuts!

PS. Don’t make fun of my fat head!


2 comments on “Fort Knox Range ReportFY

  1. Jerry Shaw says:

    The folks at 3/1 IBCT had the tower built a few years ago to support their preparation for deployment overseas. Their leadership wanted them to have the ability to get practice shooting from an elevated structure.
    So, they put it right in the middle of our thousand yard line.

  2. Sustain: Willingness to build needed range equipment.

    Improve: Take other range activities into account when doing so.

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