Army Reserve Soldier hits bull’s-eye during Interservice Rifle Championship

Capt. Samuel Freeman of the US Army Reserve Marksmanship Program took top honors at the 54th annual Interservice Rifle Team Championship, earning the title of overall individual winner, and also took home the Lt. Col. C.A. Reynolds Memorial trophy.

Freeman credits his success to an ability to train at a high levels during a short periods of time. “I might practice once during the course of a week and might not get to practice for another three weeks,” said Freeman, commander of D Company 3rd/518th Basic Combat Training Battalion.

Freeman was among the nearly two dozen Army Reserve Soldiers competing in the 15-match shooting tournament at Marine Corps Base Quantico, which hosted service members from the active Army, National Guard, Marine Corps, Air Force and Navy, June 24 to July 1, 2015.

The team won first-place trophies for the Marine Corps Combat Development Center event, and a 10-man match event. They also won a second-place High Reserve trophy.

Freeman and his teammates travel across the country to help Army Reserve Soldiers hone their marksmanship skills.

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