Rob Mango Wins 2015 Mountain Man, NTI

Master Sgt. Rob Mango of the US Army Reserve Competitive Marksmanship Program won the Mountain Man Trophy. This trophy is awarded to the Service Rifle competitor at the CMP National Matches (Camp Perry) for having the highest overall combined score in the National Team Trophy, National Individual Trophy and the President’s Hundred.

MSG Mango also won the National Trophy and became the first marksman to ever win both the Pistol and Rifle NTI.

2 comments on “Rob Mango Wins 2015 Mountain Man, NTI

  1. Dave Cloft says:

    He’s the second. Some Ensign won both in 1907…

  2. Fair enough. MSG Mango is then the first shooter to do this in last 100+ years and the second person ever. An amazing achievement!

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