USAR CMP at Rifle Nationals

Congratulations to the Army Reserve Service Rifle Team during the National Matches. MSG Mango (9th MSC) won the Mountain Man Trophy for having the highest overall combined score in the National Team Trophy, National Individual Trophy and the President’Hundred. MSG Mango won the National Trophy and became the first marksman to ever win both the Pistol and Rifle NTI. SSG Friend (USACAPOC (A) won the shootoff and won the President’s Hundred Match. CPT Freeman finished 4th, MSG Mango finished 11th and SFC Micholick (Army Reserve Careers Division) finished 14th overall out of 1000 competitors. GREAT JOB USAR. NRA 2 and 4 Man Team matches and NRA Individual Matches will be conducted over the next 6 days followed by 1000 yard Individual and Team Matches

One comment on “USAR CMP at Rifle Nationals

  1. Tom Bourne says:

    Way to go ROB! Very Proud and happy to have my Coach win the Mountain Man Trophy!!!! Outstanding!!!

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