Competition Dynamics 2015 Team Safari

The Team Safari was held at the Blue Steel Ranch near Logan, NM. It is a private ranch turned shooting range.

The event is a team “hike-and-shoot” rifle match for long-range rifle, semi-auto carbine, and pistols testing the a two man team’s ability to locate, range, and engage practical targetry spread in the terrain using both weapons systems. Some of the skills involved include target recognition, ranging, wind doping, ballistic data management, marksmanship under field conditions, non-standard shooting positions, rudimentary trail skills.

We ended in the middle of the pack. It was our first PRS. We weren’t prepared. Needed tripod, binos, and solid zeros. ( could only shoot prone for 50% of shooting s). I wound up 7/8 hits at 450 yds on 6″ plate from offhand. Range staff were freaking out. They couldn’t understand how I could hit the targets from

Suppressive Fire: Myth and Fact

Suppression is fire that degrades the performance of an enemy force below the level needed to fulfill their mission. The purpose of suppression is to stop or prevent the enemy from observing, shooting, moving, or carrying out other military tasks that interfere (or could interfere) with the activities of friendly forces.

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There are only two ways fire can be suppressive.

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