A3G Salute To Valor

South River Gun Club, Georgia 212, Covington, GA, United States

The A3G Salute to Valor is a 3-Gun match designed to honor our Veterans, and to provide assistance and support to six 501(c) 3 Veterans’ charities that are working hard to bridge the gap between available federal resources and the actual needs that exist. These are community-based, privately-funded organizations which have identified those needs that aren’t being met and are working passionately and diligently to do just that.

In addition to raising money, A3G Salute to Valor hopes to raise awareness and increase exposure for our partner charities. This event will be unique in many ways and we are very grateful to our sponsors for their willingness to stand behind this mission.

We look forward to seeing you at South River Gun Club for this year’s event, and for many more to come!

Join A3G in November and take part in a new, unique 3-Gun competition. Rather than using the traditional 3-Gun format, The A3G Salute to Valor will be broken down into four 3-stage “Segments” that are measured and scored individually under the 3*Gun Nation Practical Division Ruleset. Come and test yourself against some of the best shooters in the country in special segments dedicated to Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, and of course: 3-Gun.

Our 180 Shooters will form 12 squads that will be further broken down into 6 teams. Each team will represent one of our 6 charities. The winning team’s charity will receive 20% of the collected funds, with the other charities dividing the remaining fund pool evenly.

The fund pool is being raised through match fees, cash donations, sponsor merchandise donations (which will be auctioned at pre-match online auctions and event-day raffles), as well as merchandise sales. Since this is a charity match, there will not be a traditional prize table, but match fees and sponsor donations will be tax deductible, as a charitable donation, to the full extent allowed by law. All shooters will receive a shooter packet for their participation containing a commemorative shirt, challenge coin, and a one-year complimentary 3*Gun Nation annual membership (existing 3*GN members will receive merchandise). Trophies will be awarded for First, Second and Third place finishers in each Segment and Overall.

Spectators are encouraged to come out to the event and see some of the best shooters in the country compete over the course of the 3 day match. A selection of vendors and other Veteran’s organizations will also be onsite for competitors and spectators to visit and talk to.

Can A Rack Grade AR-15 And M855 Make 1,000 Yard Hits?

For a while now there has been a lot of talk about how ineffective the 5.56 service round is. It’s all over the internet gun boards and the popular slick newsstand gun magazines. Time and time again we are all told how the 5.56 is a 200-yard gun, or if you’re using a carbine, you’re stuck with a 50-yard gun. Everyone knows this, it’s just plain common sense! The problem is, it’s not really true. A whole lot of people sound off about something they really don’t know much about and have zero experience with. This amused me for a few years, then as more and more time passed it really started to bug me to the point of aggravation. A certain type will always repeat the same inaccurate info and we all know that. The problem is that it causes those in military service to lose confidence in their service weapon and what it can do. Confidence in your tools is an important thing, if you believe in and know for a fact what your rifle can do, you shoot it better.

Most serious followers of the AR15 platform know about the MK12 rifles and have read stories about 500 to 800-yard kills and how effective it has been in the GWOT. A few are at least vaguely familiar with High Power service rifle matches. But they assume any AR15 type rifle that can be used for these ranges is by necessity some super customized and specialized weapon. Obviously there is truth in that. To shoot a winning score at Camp Perry you have to have some specialized rifle work done and use special ammo. When these accomplishments are brought up in discussion, they are shot down by the people who “know better” because they are not the same guns issued out to troops or normal civilian users for self protection. And so it goes on and on, that the AR15 is a 200-yard gun.

It is not. It will do more than most believe, and it will do it with military-issue ammo.


Zins on Bullseye: Trigger Control

Twelve-time NRA National Pistol Champion Brian Zins knows a thing or two about NRA Precision/Bullseye (Precision is the new official name for Bullseye) pistol competition. Brian’s thoughts on competition and technique are especially valuable, because he doesn’t always follow the old traditions with his technique. In this article, he shares his thoughts on trigger control.