USARCMP Service Rifle Victory List

From SGM James Mauer

Overall, 2015 was the most successful year ever for the Army Reserve. Army Reserve Soldiers won virtually every Individual Championship at the Inter Service Rifle Championships and every Individual event at the National Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio. The Service Rifle Team won the majority of national team championships conducted at Camp Perry, Ohio. Our main goal for 2016 is to win the National Team Trophy and National Infantry Team Trophy at the National Matches and the 10 Man Team Trophy at the Inter Service Rifle Championships along with all other team trophies.

CPT Anthony Trimarco was the driving force behind the Army Reserve Competitive Marksmanship Teams success in 2015. His dedication in obtaining equipment, orders, ammunition, Tour of Duty approval and countless personnel actions enabled our team to succeed. The the support staff from the 416th TEC made a tremendous difference by preparing the team for success. Mr. Murphy, Mr. Soto, and SSG Raskie actioned the identified requirements that made all of the rest possible.

USARCMP 2015 Overall Results



2015 Service Rifle Awards USARCMP

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