3 comments on “USMC Rifle Qualification History

  1. What I continue to find amusing is how that B-Mod barndoor rewards hits for missing the entire humanoid silhouette, and “Expert” qualification from the Marine Corps can be achieved by missing over half the full-size silhouettes on Table One, yet Marines (at least those lacking competitive shooting experience) continue to delude themselves into thinking they’re GTG for first round esophagus hits at 500 meters….

    Video demo:


  2. Anonymous says:

    You are absolutely right. We are working on this. Not many people see this for what it really is; (like you wrote) delusional. Marine Gunner Christian Wade; the author of that presentation. I created this presentation to show the dark secrets of our rifle training program.

  3. I’ll be the first to admit the USMC rifle qualification is the best general, initial marksmanship qualification program for recruits within our Department of Defense. The fact it allows feedback on targets out to 500 meters/yards and couples that with close range and moving targets for all personnel as a general qual makes it better.

    It’s a good set up, especially for recruits, just not the final pinnacle of all things marksmanship related despite what some (certainly not all) personnel might believe. My crack about “first round esophagus hits at 500 meters” was an actual quote…

    Marine Gunner Christian Wade’s presentation is outstanding and I know the folks staffing billets such as the WTBN are doing good things.

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