2016 War Sport Team Challenge

New Hill, NC 25-26 June 2016 at Woody’s Hunting and Rifle Club

MAJ Luke Gosnell and his wife Ashleigh Gosnell arrived at New Hill, North Carolina, along with 96 other teams and what looked like it would be beautiful (although hot and muggy) weather. The 2-day match would consist of 8 stages, all involving teamwork, planning and, of course, some running. Unlike most competitions, coaching among teammates was welcomed and encouraged. During all 8 stages, one team member had to tag the other person before they could proceed to their intended targets. The shouts of encouragement from other squad members really got everyone pumped up, and perhaps even pushed the team members to run a little faster. They placed 37th as a team improving several positions higher than last years competition.

Recruiting Impact:
Each two-person team must include either a junior or female shooter. Yes, that meant many fathers were shooting alongside their sons, daughters, or wives. (During the morning shooters’ meeting, it was announced that a good divorce lawyer or marriage counselor would be recommended if necessary) Not the case here, because this was the Gosnell’s second time shooting this event.


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