Hearst Doubles 2016

USARCMP shooters MSG Robert Mango and SFC Joel Micholick took first place in the Hearst Doubles at the 2016 National Matches and set a new National Record in the process. Shooting a team score of 597-24x out of a possible of 600 points, Mango and Micholick beat the previous record of 594-22x and won the William Randolph Hearst Trophy.

This two-person team match is pair fired (shooters alternate shots on a shared target) on the President’s 30-shot course of fire, a modified National Match Course for rifle, shot with no sighters. Firing is standing on the SR target at 200 yards, prone rapid at 300 yards on the SR-3, and 600 yard slow fire prone on the MR-1.



2 comments on “Hearst Doubles 2016

  1. Anonymous says:

    Do you prefer UBR stock or the UBR Gen 2 stock?
    Thank you for your service

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