North Carolina State Championship

At Camp Butner, North Carolina Captain(p) Samuel Freeman shot a 998-43x in the North Carolina State Championship in the 1000 point aggregate match with a Service Rifle.

The course of fire was an 80 round Regional Course (20 rounds per stage) with an additional 20 round 600 yards for record, working out to two complete National Match Courses.

Line scores were:
Standing 199-10x
Sitting rapid 200-8x
Prone rapid 199-9x
600 yards prone 200-11x and 200-5x

For a total 998-43x with a Service Rifle, the equivalent of shooting two 499 NMC scores back to back.

For point of reference, the current NRA National Record for a 100 Shot Regional Course shot with a Match Rifle is 999-67x, putting CPT Freeman with his Service Rifle one point away from the best ever 1000-point aggregate score.
100 Shot Regional Course – Metallic Sights – 999-67

A notable Army Marksmanship Unit shooting champion and coach adds:

That record is a Service “Category” record, meaning that Service relates to the category of the shooter, not the type of rifle. Sherri Gallagher shot her score with a Match Rifle (Tubb gun chambered in .260). The previous record of a 998-52x? (not sure of x’s) was fired by Eric England, a Marine shooter. He used a model 70 match rifle in .30-’06. I’m 100% certain that Freeman’s score is the highest ever in that course of fire with a Service Rifle. The InterService record is “only” a 995.

– Emil Praslick

Unfortunately, the National Rifle Association hasn’t bothered to update this or formally list this accomplishment among the other national records.

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