143d ESC

United States Army Reserve Competitive Marksmanship Program (USARCMP), Marksmanship Training Team (MTT) provided marksmanship training and Weapons Qualification to the 143rd ESC from 19 to 24 January 2018 at Camp Blanding, FL ISO incoming mobilization.

USARCMP, MTT will provide intensive marksmanship training ISO 143rd ESC’s weapons qualification, before incoming mobilization. They main objective was to qualify 100% of their mobilizing personnel.

USARCMP conducted training over a 3 day period with the 143rd ESC. The training classes covered during this period was: Rifle PMI, Pistol PMI, Heavy Weapon familiarization with the .50 Cal, M249 and 240B, and familiarization of the new rifle qualification as outlined in the regulation. After the 143rd ESC was properly training in the above listed subjects they were put on the rifle and pistol range over a 2 day period and qualified with the M4 rifle and the M9 pistol with the following results: 50 Soldiers completed their qualification with the M9 pistol at a 100% qualification rate, this rate was an improvement from the 20% qualification rate the year before. 217 143rd Soldiers completed their qualification with the M4 rifle at a 100% qualification rate and this was an improvement from the year before which was 28%. During the event there was overwhelming thanks from the Soldiers being trained and the Command that they wish they would have received that type of training all along. Also during the event we were approached by two separate Commanders from the 143rd inquiring about us completing this type of training for their units, information was passed along for them to contact us in the future.

MAJ Freeman from USARCMP, MTT provides PMI during first day of training.

SFC Staffer provides training during PMI.

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