Army Reserve Streamlines Postal Matches, Improves Training Value

The Army Reserve Postal Matches provide the means to better prepare units for new the Army qualifications while now being easier to conduct.

The World-wide Chief, Army Reserve Postal Matches, a Regulation-directed readiness and retention tool, have been streamlined to be easier for units to conduct while providing qualification-enhancing training improvements.

The Postal Match courses are designed to provide Validation for the small arms strategy described in current Training Circulars, helping units maximize the number of Soldiers earning a first time go at qualification. They can be conducted on normal Army ranges using issue targets that are already provided, creating an improved training resource at no additional expense to the unit or the Army Reserve.

As to Army Reserve history, all the courses are named after Army Reserve marksmanship luminaries. These noteworthy Soldiers set historic precedents that benefit the Army Reserve to this day.

All Army Reserve Soldiers and units are authorized and encouraged to participate in or host one of the World-wide Chief, Army Reserve Postal Matches. Download the Army Reserve Course of Fire Book at .

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