Army Reserve at Pistol Nationals, Camp Perry

MAJ Thomas Bourne, MSG Kris Beerman, and SFC Joshua Rosendorn made the President’s Hundred. MSG Beerman was in the top 20 and this was SFC Rosendorn’s first.

1SG Sonny Pearman earned the Bronze EIC in CMP 22 Rimfire Pistol Distinguished and SFC Bradford Griffith had a top five finish in the Stock Glock GSSF match.

Two new shooters, SFC Kyle Smith (104th Training) and SSG Trevor Treml (95th Training), atteneded as their first Nationals and EIC events.

Other team shooters were LTC Patrick Sleem, LTC Luis Garcia, CSM Slee, MSG Lance Espinosa, 1SG Brenn Combs, SFC Richard Willis, SFC Larry Utt, SFC Romeo Santos, and SSG Robert Farrell.