USAR Shooter Earns Distinguished

Congratulations to Army Reserve shooter SSG Robert Farrell!

This past weekend shooters from several states traveled to Sheboygan, Wisconsin, to compete in an 1800-point match that concluded in two Excellence In Competition matches. These EIC matches allow the top 10% of shooters to earn points toward their Distinguished Marksman Badge, which is awarded to any shooter who accumulates 30 EIC “leg” points.

It was at this match that SSG Robert Farrell, USAR Marksmanship Program, was awarded his 30th leg point and entered into the coveted brotherhood of Distinguished Pistol Shooters.

To read more about EIC matches and the Civilian Marksmanship Program, please visit

With the wide variety of shooting sports available today, it isn’t difficult to find one that suits your individual strengths. USPSA, IDPA, PRS, F-Class, Trap, Skeet, Benchrest, Air Rifle, Metallic silhouette, Western, or even Biathalon. However, nothing refines the fundamentals of shooting quite like NRA Precision Pistol, often called Bullseye Pistol.

Next time you go to the range take a coffee can with you. Paint the bottom black and set the can on it’s side. That’s roughly the size of the black scoring area of a Bullseye target (the 8-point ring). Then put a silver dollar in the center of the bottom of the coffee can. That’s about the size of the bullseye these shooters are aiming for. Next walk back 50 yards, pick up your iron-sight pistol with one hand and try to hit that silver dollar 10 times in a row. This is not an uncommon occurrence among the top shooters of the NRA Precision Pistol sport, but it requires a focus so intense they can count the sharpener lines on the tip of a number 2 pencil when held at arm’s length!

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