Training Scars and Shooting Skill

The “training scar” fallacy is a popular myth that refuses to die. It typically stems from making unsubstantiated claims against some aspect of competitive shooting. The truth is, increased scores in competition is only possible by improving your Shot Process, which will benefit all aspects of weapon use in every environment – on the range and off.

Watch the videos above.

In “What Right Looks Like” you’ll see an accomplished shooter during sustained fire shooting error free. She keeps her shooting eye open for each shot, allowing the ability to call each shot and followthrough to maintain good control without inducing unwanted movement. Any reaction to a shot displayed in the shooter’s face/eyes indicates unintended movement and a lack of control.

In “Marksmanship Skill and Mistakes” demonstrates that even high-level shooters can make a mistake. However, you can judge the skill of the shooter by the quality of their error: here, the “mistake” still scores a ten!

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