4 comments on “Training Standards

  1. Joseph Silvia says:

    John, Good article but as you are likely aware this is ancient history.As long as the Army is only 5% trigger pullers this will be the case. There is seldom any command emphasis even on the active side let alone the Reserve Component.Post VN I went to a Reserve SF unit with 5 ODA’s They had not conducted QUAL at all in years until I got there. Nobody knew how to zero an M16. Went from that to regular qual every year and having a company level team win 6th Army combat matches. An MOS would do it but only if the program associated with it had some teeth like OER impact on unit commandersregardless of unit mission.USMC has a better model than the Army. I fought this battle for decades as did many before me.  Joe SilviaMSG USAR (ret.)

  2. John Buol says:

    Sadly, your experience is the norm. Thanks for reading!

  3. Joe Silvia says:

    I did not intend to suggest impossibility! Only commonality and traditional behavior.
    The entire system now in use was promoted in the 80s to overcome the impractical traditional KD system as were Sniper Schools and Tactical Marksmanship. Change can be forced if you can find the right people to listen and present a convincing case.
    Joe Silvia
    MSG USAR (ret.)

  4. John Buol says:

    Fair point. The fact the Training Circulars released in 2016 ushered in an improvement demonstrates this.

    Also, the impracticalness of the traditional KD system was due to ignoring Skirmisher courses and other field shooting that can be done on a KD range. Service Conditions conduct events like that but Army leadership remains largely unaware.

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