2 comments on “Most Popular 2022 Article

  1. Peter Cousins says:

    “Machine gun marksmanship”. That must surely be akin to “H Bomb marksmanship”, or a plain oxymoron! Struth; get real cobbers.

  2. John Buol says:

    Wrong. Your misunderstanding is, sadly, common among military personnel. A gunner must learn to properly and consistently center a cone of fire in order to make use of gunnery concepts. The inability to do so makes machine guns nearly ineffective. If you had read the article and watched the above video before commenting, you’d know this.

    Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) conducted a test of various machine guns using H-Bar LOMAH systems to assess suppressive fire and found that the accuracy of the bursts was far more important than the volume of fire.

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