2017 3G4V Run ‘n Gun Biathlon

Combat Team member Major Luke Gosnell participated this past weekend in a two-gun Biathlon in Kentucky which consisted of five stages of shooting rifle and pistol spread out over 3.5 miles of difficult terrain and obstacles such as mud pits, low crawling under barbed wire, climbing up a drainage tubes and over A-frames, dragging a 150lb dummy, use of a foreign military weapon and spelunking in cave with a headlamp and handgun. Shooting distances ranged from contact close to 300 yards under elevated heart rates in cold, raining and muddy conditions.

Major Gosnell running with USCG Petty Officer 1st Class Bender

MAJ Gosnell had the 4th fastest run time of the 81 participants and with the shooting time and running time combined, he placed 10th overall despite equipment malfunctions. 31 of the participants were current service members/veterans, 15 x Army, 4 x Air Force, 6 x Marines, 4 x Navy, 2 x Coast Guard. Luke also took high military honors at the event.

Practical induced stress shooting events like these test combat marksmanship, equipment, and readiness that cannot be achieved from shooting paper targets from a linear or square range. USAR-CMP participation in these events allows service members to network, exchange skillsets and then take the knowledge gained back to their home units and disseminate the skills down.


Bluegrass Shotgun Championship – 2016

Held at the Bluegrass Sportsman’s League in Wilmore, KY, Three USAR Soldiers from 2100 MIG, WPAFB, OH MAJ Luke Gosnell, MSG Michael Bass, and MAJ Brian Graves all competed in the 1-day match consisting of 10 stages, using combinations of buckshot, slugs and birdshot rounds on falling steel, aerial launched clays pigeons and slug gongs. The competition drew competitors from across the country to include Canada and Brazil.

MAJ Gosnell Placed 12th overall across pump, semi-auto and open divisions and high military honors beating out members from USMC Reserve Combat team and USAF Action shooting team.

Recruiting Impact:
The contact with competitors, facilitators and spectators in shooting sports is making known USAR’s participation outside of the traditional service marksmanship sports.

Personal contact with young competitors and word of mouth has enormous potential for recruiting. With the match locations close proximity of Fort Knox and Ft. Campbell, the event drew several service members from each location. Recommend the team contacts USAREC for sponsorship and promotion via prize table “swag” and banners and next years event. Luke met with MAJ John Cowen, a 3-Gun competitor at this event assigned to Cadet Command who will try to assist with this.

USAR Soldiers interested in trying action shotgun, USPSA, and 3-Gun can contact MAJ Luke Gosnell at luke.k.gosnell@mail.mil


Mission 22 3 Gun

From MAJ Luke Gosnell

New Storyboards for three separate matches in Kentucky, Virginia, and North Carolina attended by MAJ Gosnell.

The Mission 22 Charity 3-Gun Match (page 2) is of particular note with 100% of the proceeds going to Mission 22 to raise support and awareness for our Veteran suicide epidemic. MSG Bass is MAJ Gosnell’s NCOIC and also an AGR Soldier located at Wright-Patterson AFB. He has been competing in action shooting events for the past year.

Download PDF AAR


2016 War Sport Team Challenge

New Hill, NC 25-26 June 2016 at Woody’s Hunting and Rifle Club

MAJ Luke Gosnell and his wife Ashleigh Gosnell arrived at New Hill, North Carolina, along with 96 other teams and what looked like it would be beautiful (although hot and muggy) weather. The 2-day match would consist of 8 stages, all involving teamwork, planning and, of course, some running. Unlike most competitions, coaching among teammates was welcomed and encouraged. During all 8 stages, one team member had to tag the other person before they could proceed to their intended targets. The shouts of encouragement from other squad members really got everyone pumped up, and perhaps even pushed the team members to run a little faster. They placed 37th as a team improving several positions higher than last years competition.

Recruiting Impact:
Each two-person team must include either a junior or female shooter. Yes, that meant many fathers were shooting alongside their sons, daughters, or wives. (During the morning shooters’ meeting, it was announced that a good divorce lawyer or marriage counselor would be recommended if necessary) Not the case here, because this was the Gosnell’s second time shooting this event.