MSG Mango 2016 National Championships

MSG Robert Mango added a number of National Championships to his extensive list of wins during the 2016 Pistol Nationals.

MSG Mango won the US Army Reserve Memorial for being the 1st place Reservist in National Trophy Individual.

The General Mellon Trophy was awarded to MSG Mango for being the 1st place Army competitor in the National Trophy Team match.

The Military Police Corps Trophy is for MSG Mango shooting the high overall score in the National Trophy Team match.

MSG Mango also won the President’s Pistol Trophy for winning the President’s Pistol Match.

CMP .22 Rimfire Pistol Distinguished

The Civilian Marksmanship Program created the .22 Rimfire EIC Pistol Match to its lineup of competitive events in 2015. The course of fire is a modified version of the National Match Course with elements of International pistol courses added in, requiring competitors to start in low ready prior to timed and rapid fire strings. “Leg” points are earned in this event in the same manner as other Excellence In Competition events.

Despite being only a year old, three members of the USARCMP have earned their Distinguished badges in this event.

MSG Rob Mango

SSG Jonathan Rosene received the .22 Rimfire Pistol Distinguished Badge as well as finishing 3rd overall in the NRA .22 Preliminary Match

MAJ MAJ Thomas Bourne received .22 Rimfire Pistol Distinguished Badge and his first President's Hundred award.

NRA Preliminary Team Match

USARCMP shooters took first place in the NRA Preliminary Team Match during the 2016 Pistol National Matches. This event has three shooters firing a mix of .22, Centerfire, and .45 pistols. SGT Mowrer (.22), SSG Rosene (Centerfire), MSG Mango (.45) won the event.

From right, Team Captain LTC Schultz, MSG Mango, SGT Mowrer, and SSG Rosene won first place in the NRA Preliminary Team Match

Interservice Pistol 2016

Front row (from left) SSG Richard Willis, SSG Ronald Porter, CPT Samuel Freeman, MAJ Mitchell Rosnick, SFC Charles Parker, MAJ Thomas Bourne, SFC John Buol.
Back row, SGM George Greene, SSG Matthew Anderson, MAJ Luis Garcia, LTC David Schultz (OIC), CSM Steven Slee (NCOIC), SFC Kristopher Beerman, MSG Robert Mango, SSG Jonathan Rosene, SSG Chris Kizanis.

Local TV news of this event:
Ft. Benning Interservice Pistol Championship kicks off

MSG Mango led with a perfect .22 Team NMC score of 300×19. SSG Rosene was the High Army Reservist with a 3479-141 in the Overall Individual Aggregate.

For overall results, the USAR team finished:
Third in the Team .22 (firing members SGM Greene, MSG Mango, SFC Beerman, and SSG Rosene)
Third Team Service Pistol (firing members MAJ Rosnick, SGM Greene, MSG Mango, and SSG Rosene)
Third Overall Team (SGM Greene, MSG Mango, SFC Beerman, and SSG Rosene)


Friendly Fire A Hazard To Nuclear Sites?

From John Tate

Speer didn’t oppose the use of more powerful weaponry to protect the plants, documents show. His concern was that officers get sufficient training to avoid missed shots and inadvertently creating larger problems, no matter which weapons they carried.

We sometimes joke about the poor marksmanship and spray-and-pray tactics of some police. But such conduct usually only poses a hazard to bystanders, other officers … oh, and sometimes the bad guy. But what if the recipient of these stray rounds was a functional nuclear power plant where release of radioactive materials, or even a core melt down could endanger hundreds of thousands?

That is the focus of the article linked below; it’s thought provoking.

Interestingly enough, the “nationally recognized course” referred to for their qualification is a 100 yard National Match Course (the NRA High Power rule book is explicitly mentioned as a part of their standard qualification) and NRA PPC with B-27 targets for pistol.