Army Reserve at Pistol Nationals, Camp Perry

MAJ Thomas Bourne, MSG Kris Beerman, and SFC Joshua Rosendorn made the President’s Hundred. MSG Beerman was in the top 20 and this was SFC Rosendorn’s first.

1SG Sonny Pearman earned the Bronze EIC in CMP 22 Rimfire Pistol Distinguished and SFC Bradford Griffith had a top five finish in the Stock Glock GSSF match.

Two new shooters, SFC Kyle Smith (104th Training) and SSG Trevor Treml (95th Training), atteneded as their first Nationals and EIC events.

Other team shooters were LTC Patrick Sleem, LTC Luis Garcia, CSM Slee, MSG Lance Espinosa, 1SG Brenn Combs, SFC Richard Willis, SFC Larry Utt, SFC Romeo Santos, and SSG Robert Farrell.

2021 61st Annual Interservice Pistol Championship

The U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) hosted the 61st Annual Interservice Pistol Championship, June 12th-18th, on Phillips Range at Fort Benning, GA. The Interservice Championship competition is an outdoor tournament open to U.S. military members’ only. Eligible participants include individuals and teams of the Armed Forces, Active, Guard, Reserve and Military Academy, along with ROTC cadets and Officer Candidate Course (OCS) students. This is a high-level event where most services from across the Department of Defense send their best teams to compete against each other to see who is the “best in the Department of Defense.”

This year the USAR team took 3rd Place in the Overall Team Aggregate. This means that our team performed better than most other competitors within the Department of Defense. The Active Duty US Army Marksmanship unit took 1st place and a team from the National Guard took 2nd place in the team championship.
We maintained a commanding lead all week over the Marine Corps Reserve pistol team. Despite finishing slightly ahead of us during the last team match of the week, we were able to maintain our lead and defeat them in the overall team aggregate. This year the AMU and the National Guard had very strong teams.

Performance this year was good considering that we have not been able to practice as normal due to COVID-19 mitigation policies in place during 2020. When we receive ammunition re-supply in July we should be able to issue that out and return to practicing in the hopes of defeating the National Guard teams next year. We are scheduled to receive the correct 185-grain .45 caliber ammunition that the team needs. We also need to continue to pursue requisition of 9mm match ammunition. The ammunition that we have used in the past was match-grade Atlanta Arms ammunition. The M1152 ammunition that we have tried out recently seems to work for competition at the 25 yard line. At some point we still need to procure more match grade 9mm for use at 50 yards. We have enough 9mm match grade ammunition to last for the rest of this season and into next year.

MSG Espinosa was indispensable in helping account for all our team items and update property records. He was hard at work on this all week in addition to shooting.

Overall, this was a successful event with a significant number of “new” shooters in attendance. We look forward to Nationals and continuing to train the next generation of marksmen for the Army Reserve.

COMMENTS: Thank you for the continued support. We definitely appreciate getting some 185-grain match ammunition for .45 caliber matches. We hope to be able to draw some more match grade 22 caliber ammunition soon, as well as some match grade 9mm ammunition at some point.

Training at home with LTC Garcia

Another idea for #USArmyReserve Soldiers training at home. Lt. Col. Garcia of the Service Pistol team set up an air gun range in his garage.

Home air gun range.

Air guns, such as this one based on the SIG 320 (M17), can be used safely at home.

Indoor gallery courses (Smallbore and Air gun) were among the first formal #PostalMatch events directed by then Chief, Army Reserve Lt. Gen. Sutton dating back to the 1960s and featured in Army Reserve Magazine, the predecessor to Warrior-Citizen.

See this archived copy of Army Reserve Magazine from 1969.

Read more about LTG Sutton and USAR marksmanship history in the USAR Course of Fire Book.

Local Competition Heightens Soldier Readiness, Retention

#RetentionViaReadiness #PostalMatch #LetsGoShooting #RoadtoAwesome #KeepPounding #AmericasArmyReserve #USArmyReserve #WeaponsMaster

Army Reserve Soldiers from 3-335th TSBn (85th Reserve Support Command) started an enhanced unit-level training program that utilizes participation in local competitions to build skills beyond Army qualification standards. The Southport Gun Club conducted an Open Sectional Indoor Pistol Championship in Kenosha, Wisconsin open to the public and these Soldiers took advantage.

“Competitions like this embody the concept of promoting excellence at all levels,” said Cmd. Sgt. Maj. Matthew Fall. “I would like to see continued unit participation in these events.” This Open Sectional event coincided with the unit’s scheduled Battle Assembly, allowing Soldiers to participate in the evening after drill.

Unit leadership is using a Retention Via Readiness approach with a series of events throughout the fiscal year, using the stress of match conditions as a training tool and to prepare for the 2020 All Army Small Arms Championship. “I thought it was great shooting in the competition,” said Master Sgt. Cody Brunet. “It’s such a perishable skill, and it is amazing how adding a little stress with timed shooting can change everything.”

While team members had been given guidance on drills and techniques, team captain Sgt. 1st Class Joshua Rosendorn understood the benefit of exposing the team to the stress of shooting under actual match conditions. Moreover, the difficulty of the event’s particular shooting discipline was an excellent means of pushing individuals and moving them out of their comfort zones. “I was looking for a way to challenge our team members and was pleased with the level of enthusiasm among them,” said Sgt. 1st Class Rosendorn. “Additionally, I was thrilled with the hospitality of both the Southport Gun Club and the civilian competitors there that evening.”

After completing normal duties, these Soldiers traveled on their own to the event. The Southport Gun Club 2020 NRA Open Sectional Indoor .22LR Championship is part of a series of competitions held around the country and open to the public, with the results collected and posted to determine the overall national champion. The match is a 90 round Precision Pistol (Bullseye) match, shot entirely one-handed at scaled targets 50 feet away. “It was a humbling but fun experience,” Maj. David Zizkovsky. “You think that you are a pretty good shot, and then you have to try it one handed.”