2018 Dixie Match

2018 Dixie Match
April 13-15
Gateway Rifle and Pistol Club, Jacksonville, FL

The 2018 Dixie Match will feature a NRA Regional 2700 match with teams, NRA Distinguished Revolver match, CMP Service Pistol EIC match and CMP .22 Rimfire EIC Pistol match. New for 2018 will be a 10 meter Air Pistol Closest to the Center and 20 shot Re-Entry match.

Please refer to the match program for details.


Service Pistol New Shooter Training

New Service Pistol Shooter’s Guide

1. Arrive safely at Phillips Range, Fort Benning GA
2. Arrive on time and in proper team uniform (ACU/OCP)
3. Fire 2 x 900 matches each day using 22 caliber and Service Pistols
4. Learn the Bullseye pistol course of fire by practicing the sport
5. Fire 2 matches during the week for record to establish baseline scores
6. Evaluate new team members and provide them with feedback based on their performance
7. Provide future training goals and advice about equipment selection for this sport
8. Conduct yourself like a Soldier and represent the USAR with honor
9. Arrive back safely at HoR
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2018 South East Precision Pistol

Precision Pistol event information for the South East (Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida areas)
submitted by SFC Griffith

In an effort to encourage more participation and mutually support our neighbors – Ted Carter, Match Director of Jacksonville Regional and Florida State Championship Matches, Art Rozier and Tom Davis of the Georgia Regional and State Championship Matches along with us here at The Mid Carolina Gun Club have teamed up to offer the category winners at each other’s 2017 matches a 10% discount on their registration fees at the 2018 Regional and State Matches. We will be sharing our winners lists from 2017 and will offer the discount at our respective Regional and State Championships for 2018.

Would also like to do a little advertising for our friends to our west over in Georgia. The Georgia Regional Championship (Bulletin with Registration Form attached) will be held 6-8 April 2018 at the River Bend Gun Club over by Dawsonville, GA. Art, Tom and the rest of the gang at River Bend are building a great program and I hope you all will consider supporting their match.

The Mid Carolina Gun Club monthly Precision Pistol matches will kick off again on 24 March 2018 (monthly Match Bulletin attached). The range will be ready and we hope you will be too.

The South Carolina State Championship will, as in years past, be in June. This years dates are 22-24 June 2018 (Bulletin attached). It’s a great opportunity for yall to get dialed in and prepped for Camp Perry or just come out and enjoy the lovely South Carolina summer!

Mark your calendars for the SC Regional 26-28 October 2018 and get your hotel reservations made.




MAJ Gale H Boehnke

Gale Henry Boehnke, age 86, of Hebron, IN, passed away Friday, January 26, 2018. Gale was an Illinois Bell, Electronic Engineer retiree. He married the love of his life Krystyna on June 26, 1987 in Illinois. He proudly served his country in the United States Army Reserves. Gale will be remembered as a loving husband, father and friend.

MAJ Gale Boehnke

Gale is survived by his wife, Krystyna Boehnke; son, Doug Boehnke; daughter, Lisa Boehnke; and many other loving family members and friends.

He was preceded in death by his son, Christopher Boehnke.

MAJ Gale H Boehnke (ret.) was a member of the USAR Pistol Team from 1970 to 1989. Gale was a true friend to many USAR Shooters, working behind the scenes to ensure that they received orders, supplies and pay. He encouraged us in our Shooting and Training performance and to hang in there while we waited on the Army pay system to work. He made visits to St Louis, to speed up pay when team members had reached the end of their rope. Gale will be missed.

A memorial service for Gale will take place Thursday, February 1, 2018 at 3:00 p.m. at Rees Funeral Home, Winfield Chapel, 10909 Randolph Winfield/Crown Point, IN 46307, with Pastor Bob Burton officiating. He will be laid to rest at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery, Elwood, Illinois at a later date. Memorial visitation will be held on Thursday, February 1, 2018 from 12-3 pm at Rees Funeral Home, Winfield Chapel. For more information, please call 219-661-2600.

Online condolences may be shared with the family at http://www.reesfuneralhomes.com/obituary/gale-boehnke

Classifications Explained

The National Rifle Association and Civilian Marksmanship Program uses a Classification system to keep competitors in similar-skilled groups. I’ve detailed this in the past:

What follows is a more succinct breakdown.

NRA Classifications Explained
by John M. Buol Jr.

A Marksman Classification is “earned” by merely showing up to a match and failing to be disqualified due to flagrant safety violations. You can’t shoot worse than this. Scratch that. Given only 2% of the NRA membership will bother to ever show up, 98% of the herd are less involved and probably worse than your terrible level of non-skill.

The worst you can shoot while meeting a minimally-low cut off. One step up from the bottom. Good job!

You’re actually invested and have practiced to become this bad. A complete lay person (which describes nearly every gun owner that has never attended a match) might be fooled into believing an “Expert” Classification denotes actual skill. You’re shooting just well enough to eventually stumble into enough “leg points” to earn a Distinguished Rifleman/Pistol Shot badge if you keep at it, the marksmanship equivalent of the infinite monkey theorem.

Possibly good enough to be a contender for a win at local, or small state/regional match. You consider a trip to a drained swamp on the southwest-side of Lake Erie to stay in a hutment that deployed Marines would complain about to be a vacation while spending enough money in travel, lodging, match fees, and ammunition to have instead gone to Europe.

High Master
You’ve reached the Classification pinnacle of a century-old sport sponsored by a political organization that not even the directors and card-carrying members know or care anything about. And it only took an investment in time and money that could have paid for an early retirement. After giving your paycheck to Chump’s Choice, avoid considering this fact by enjoying beer and pizza at Bell Mell or an ice cream at Andy’s because ya can’t go to Nick’s anymore…

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