2018 All Army results

Three Army Reservists had outstanding performances at the 2018 All Army Small Arms Championships. SSG Fuentes took 1st place Multi-Gun and was the High Reservist. 1LT Brotherston took 2nd in Multi-Gun.

brotherston rosendorn fuentes

SFC Rosendorn earned his final points needed to become a Distinguished Pistol Shot. SFC Parker also earned more rifle leg points.


For Team events, Army Reserve Careers Division led by SGM Mauer was the High Reserve team.

They were followed by USACAPOC (A) led by CSM Running.



Gene Clark Honored by AMU


The U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit recognized Gene Clark, gunsmith for the AMU since 1988.

Clark did extensive testing and research and development on the M-249 SAW, 242 chain gun and the M-9 pistol.

He was also a primary contributor in the development of the modified M-16A2. His work over the years has played a vital role in the overall development of the AR-15 in Service Rifle and other performance uses. His work contributed greatly to the advancements that took the M16A2 from a “rack grade” rifle to a precision platform. Free float tubes, chamber and barrel design, and the construction of the first SDM rifles were created in large part to Mr. Clark’s expertise and effort. During his tenor, he also directly contributed to the improved sniper weapons system for the U.S. Army.